About the ANZALM

The ANZALM was a co-creation of Joseph Wheeler, Principal of IALPG in Queensland, and Charles Giacco, Lecturer and Member University Academic Board at Victoria University in Victoria. Charles is pictured below with a past ex-Victorian Premier, and Joseph is here in a meeting recently with Mr John Augustin, the Director of the ICAO Legal Affairs and External Relations Bureau in Montreal, with Renee, the co-ordinator of ANZALM for 2017.


Realising that there did not exist, in Asia Pacific, a suitable academic legal competition for those with an interest in air law, Joseph and Charles decided to take elements of the international competition run by the Sarin Foundation and Leiden University and contextualise it for our region.  From those initial efforts the competition was able to grow and flourish. 


The ANZALM has now been held in 2 states of Australia, and once also in New Zealand (2014: Melbourne; 2015: Brisbane; 2016: Auckland). It has gained strong sponsorship support from the premier aviation law teaching institutions worldwide, as well as from local professional associations, universities, practitioners and broader community.


The competition follows the format typical of international law moots, and consists of a hypothetical case scenario on international air law which is set to be argued in the International Court of Justice.


Previous years' competitions have focused in on issues related to international acts of violence against civilian aircraft, remotely piloted aircraft crossing international borders, and international air access rights exchange, but to name a few.


Judges have included a broad range of distinguished academics, practitioners (barristers and solicitors), and judges from both Australia and New Zealand, including many with long experience and expertise in both international law and international and local air and space law.


We are proud to say the winners thus far have developed their interests in this fascinating area of the law, and some have even come back to ANZALM to coach other teams, compete again, and judge. 


Others have moved on to compete in (and win) the international air law moot run by the Sarin Foundation, and even move into practice with firms that offer aviation law services.


The winning universities since the moot's inception are:


Inaugural winner (2014): University of Otago

2015 winner: University of Auckland

2016 winner: University of Auckland


2017 Co-hosts

The Adelaide Law School's Research Unit on Military Law and Ethics (RUMLAE) is proud to co-host the 2017 ANZALM. RUMLAE has been established to examine legal and policy issues relevant to military and security matters, with a particular focus on ethical aspects relevant to the use of force. RUMLAE aims to facilitate the emergence of a creative inter-disciplinary dialogue on contemporary challenges in the areas of military law, national security, international law, space law, military justice, international relations, and strategic policy.


Headed by Director, Professor Dale Stephens CSM, and Deputy Director, Professor Melissa de Zwart (Dean of the University of Adelaide Law School), RUMLAE is a foundation partner, along with McGill University (Montreal) on the MILAMOS Project, which aims to develop a widely-accepted manual clarifying the fundamental international law rules applicable to military uses of outer space in times of peace, as well as in periods of tension and in outright armed conflict.

About our sponsors - McGill IASL


The McGill University Institute of Air and Space Law (IASL) is the world’s premier academic setting for teaching and research in the twin disciplines of international air and space law. 




Having celebrated its 65th anniversary in 2016, the Institute is now on course to consolidate and enhance its record of achievement in the five years leading to its 70th anniversary in 2021, the same year that McGill University itself will turn 200.  Overseeing the future of the IASL will be the Institute’s newly-appointed 13th Director, Professor Brian F. Havel. 




Professor Havel, who specializes in issues concerning global and regional governance in the air transport industry, will teach the foundation course in public international air law as well as a new course in international trade law aimed also at McGill’s wider law student body. 



The Institute will continue its long-standing commitment to excellence in its certificate, master’s and doctoral degree programs and will also be strengthening its partnerships with air and space law institutions and professionals including aviation’s own U.N. specialized agency, the International Civil Aviation Organization,  which is located in the Institute’s home city of Montreal, Canada

Moot Documents

All important moot documents are available here.

Important dates


The ANZALM case problem is now available. The deadlines below have been updated and extended for all teams, and the extended date permits for further registrations by teams.


The last date for requests for clarifications is 21 August 2017


The deadline for team registration has been extended to 5 September 2017 - no further extension of time will be given for late registrants, for the submission of written memorials.


The responses to requests for clarifications will be made available to all teams on 28 August 2017.


Each team must prepare two written memorials. One in support of the Applicant and one for the Respondent, both due for submission on 11 September 2017. These will be judged by a panel of aviation lawyers and academics who determine the best written memorial prize.


All teams attend the oral competition at the University of Adelaide, between 30 September and 2 October 2017.


In the general rounds, teams represent both the Applicant and the Respondent.


Distinguished members of the legal profession, Judiciary and aviation industry will participate as judges.




In addition to the prize for the Winner of the Competition, prizes are presented in the following categories:


Best Applicant Memorial


Best Respondent Memorial


Best Oralist in the General Moot Rounds


Best Oralist in the Grand Final (at the discretion of the Grand Final Panel of Judges)

We are grateful to the past and present sponsors of ANZALM including: