2017 ANZALM Round Up

The ANZALM in 2017 was highlighted by a particularly expert panel of judges conversant with space law and its usages drawn to Adelaide not only to the moot but to the significant space industry events taking place in Adelaide immediately prior, the IAC and SGAC.


In addition Adelaide itself was a fine host and permitted great social and networking events for the students and judges including a cocktail reception at Bibliotheca, and Grand Final dinner upstairs at Lemongrass.


This year prizes included the latest (2017) comprehensive volume on Public International Air Law by Prof Paul S Dempsey and copies of the Annals of Air & Space Law published by McGill University Institute of Air & Space Law, and Judges took home a souvenir taste of Adelaide.


We thank everyone for their involvement in the 2017 ANZALM not least among them RUMLAE, at the University of Adelaide for hosting the event in their Law School and providing us with invaluable assistance from its students who acted as volunteer ushers and timekeepers.  Special thanks to Nick for keeping us all safe and secure and liaising with us as university point of contact during the 3 days of intense activity.


Pilots, international and space law lecturers, space law doctorate and masters thesis candidates, and ex-Defence practitioners made up the 2017 judging panel.


Two teams from New Zealand and one from Australia competed this year in a small but high quality contingent reflecting diverse backgrounds in law.


The day before the moot, someone in Adelaide coined the term "BFR", and someone in the moot quoted it; we also heard submissions reference multiple languages including French and Chinese.